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October 19, 2016 Comments (1) Views: 2831 News

Eminem enters the Presidential Campaign with a blistering ‘Campaign Speech’ Freestyle

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I have not had much to say about the reality tv style 2016  presidential campaign. Even though the circus has come to my town with the final Debate being held at the Thomas and Mack Center (not sure if we can get the stench clear in time for the graduation season; let us hope!)  And I was all set to continue my silence. That was. Until, Slim Shady enters the 2016 Presidential Campaign armed with bars on bars and started to dish out a blistering beatdown to the GOP and their candidate Donald Trump. Eminem’s impromptu freestyle on Sirius satellite radio “Sway in the Morning” was unleashed. The eight-minute ‘Campaign Speech‘ is a force to say the least. For those that wondered if Eminem still had it, wonder no more. Whithin three hours it’s was trending around the world. So, run over to the #walloftacos, grab a snack; sit back and enjoy the verbal smack down. Oh yeah, he did mention that he was in the studio cooking up a new project.


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One Response to Eminem enters the Presidential Campaign with a blistering ‘Campaign Speech’ Freestyle

  1. ANGELA says:

    Hello Lou, I’m glad you like my blog. I was once like you, looking for a way to get started. My only advice; write. Post. Write again. Post that too. Each of us has something to offer that is unique to our voice. Thanks for reading my blog. we are in the process of making some changes so that we can bring more voices and information to the platform.

    best wishes, Angela

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