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January 18, 2015 Comments (0) Views: 830 Articles, Uncategorized

Kanye and that Beatle!

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Hear me out!I won’t go, I won’t go. no goodbye’s no goodbye. just hello.just hello When you cry, when you cry; I will cry. When smile, I will Smile.And next time I look in your eyes we’ll have wings and we’ll fly.

2:07 to 2:20 right there; every time, it hits me. The entire song is raw and unfiltered. That twenty seconds on this New Years Eve Kanye West and Sir Paul McCarty release I was stopped in my tracks. Because in that instant I looked around my life and saw in that moment  I’m a Daughter,  I’m a Granddaughter, I’m a sister, I’m a wife, I’m a mom,. The bonds I share with each person is unique and unconditioned. We are granted these titles of kinship and what binds us one to the other is the love. I think no matter what our belief system; we would like to have a moment with who we have loved and a moment with who we have been loved by… A moment that allow us to let go of all the anxieties we have about the finality of losing that person from our lives.

Kanye’s perfectly imperfect vocals make this release unlike any of his other works (LOL, OK maybe I said that about the 808 & Heartbreak Project; But I digress…). November 2007 Dr. Donda West passed away at age 58 at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center in Marina del Rey, where paramedics took her after she stopped breathing at her home. November 27, 2008 Kanye West released 808 & Heartbreak. On that album he featured the song “Coldest Winter” 

We all want assures that they got to the other side and found peace. We would like to have evidence that our loved one is watching over us and longing to connect as much as we are longing to reconnect with them. In our good times and in our bad times; for me that person is my grandmother Era Mae. I miss her, I want her to see my children’s children. I struggle with her absence.

So, when I hear ” Only One”  By Kanye West and Sir Paul McCarty I’m touched by the candor. It’s rare that an artist of any statue can connect us to the fragility of life. By reminding us that no matter what we achieve in life nor how many pot of gold we may find to claim for our own. Love is the Only One we take with us once our lives are lived and all is said and done.



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