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Smile your on Youtube

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The first video was uploaded by Kirim it’s called me at the zoo. In 2006 it was purchased by Google for 1.65 billion in stock. Today YouTube has over a billion users.  Everyday YouTube  generate billions of views.  A few the Pros of using YouTube I don’t have to wait on the big machine to give me a shot at being the best journalist I can truly be like that Nike tagline Just Do It. I have the freedom to invite my own media company.  I can engage with the folks that like my work directly. Cons, Google getting involved; They are about to start using your social media activity to determined your credit worthiness, Big Data mining my information.


So now let get into a few of the things I like to do on YouTube. My number one favorite thing to do on YouTube is watch what I call the black girl ESPN Beauty Vloggers. I can sit for hours and just watch my top girls go in on a hot little hair unit or demo the latest and greatest lipsticks, eyeshadow and skin care potions. I experience Transportation Theory when I dig in for a marathon viewing of wig styling. I also love watching Black and Sexy tv they are my favorite wed series producers. They just got a deal to create programming for the BET Network. I also keep up with my tech how to’s also. I learned how to use my cameras and iPhone, iPad  and Mac laptop via YouTube videos. I learn about different culture via food video and fashion shows. I travel with my real life friend Jodi and I’ve lost count of all on the countries we’ve gone to via her YouTube channel.

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