Stereotypes: Black women in american media

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The Tale of Two FOX’s; Building an “Empire” on Spreading Black Fear

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Fox Launched on October 9, 1986 to compete with the Big three networks ABC, NBC and CBS; with the help of shows like the Arsenio Hall Show ,  21 Jump Street , Martin Living Single and In living Color compete they did. Through the 1990’s Fox became the number four prime television network. Once they got where they wanted to be in the network television game they quickly changed course and stop courting the black audience with programming that featured African American and African American story lines. With a lot of ad dollars in their pockets, they launched a 24 news channel on Oct 7,1996. Fox News is now the number one 24 hour news channel on television. Their top host Bill O’Reilly (The O’Reilly Report) regularly centers his show around how scary the black community is to its majority caucasian republician viewership. O’Reilly often cast “Rich Blacks” as the reason the black community as a whole is supposedly filled with social ills; he  often evokes what the study calls “envious prejudice” against “Rich Blacks”  O’Reilly’s simplistic critics of crime in the black community being the fault of black musicians solely without criticizing the larger system at work is similar to Nazi propaganda.

The Tale of two Fox Networks is widely looked at as two separate networks by the African American community. Few notice the ties that bind Fox News to the Fox Network both networks perpetuate the “dangerous minority stereotype”(pg 98 paragraph 3) of the black community. A stereotype that keeps blacks from addressing the only two real problems it has; first, The Maldistribution of Wealth and Resources,  Second, Inappropriate Behavior of black folks. Programs like Fox’s Network hit show Empire speaks to how Rupert Murdock the owner of Fox, Business News, Fox Movie Channel, FX Networks (FX/FXX/FXM), FOX News, FOX Sports, 20th Century Fox, 20th Century Fox International, Fox Studios, Fox Home Entertainment, 21st Century Fox,FOX International Channels, Fox Music, Fox Searchlight, National Geographic is going back to the future by rekindling his primetime relationship with the African American community. 2015 is so much better then the 1990’s; the ad dollar pay off are much bigger thanks to the internet and social media. The second season two hour premiere of Empire was the largest in the networks history  and broke several other television records. Rick Kissell, Senior Editor at Variety Magazine wrote “Empire was also a social-media phenom last night, with 1.3 million tweets sent during the episode — making it the most tweeted one hour broadcast drama series on record (since Nielsen began tracking about four years ago). Perhaps most impressively, and a true indication of the show’s wide appeal and reach, the tweets generated 63 million impressions. The most tweeted minute occurred at 9:30 p.m. with 32,363 tweets after Anika (“Boo Boo Kitty”) was dancing”.

 In Karen Dill’s book “How Fantasy Becomes Reality” she highlights the research of Fiske and Glick Sterotyping Theory (pg.98, 99 paragraph 2) says separates our sterotype thinking into two domains Warm and Competence are were they highlight Paternalistic sterotypes which is applied to groups that are not likely to compete for resources or be a threat to the dominate or ingroup.



Ben and Candy Carson terrific. What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide? And much else.

Read New York magazine for minority community disappointment with POTUS

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Rick Kissell: Senior Editorc @ratesrick

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